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Speaker Series: Hemlock Hospice: landscape ecology, art, & design

Calendar Next session starts May 10, 2018 at 7 pm

Hemlock Hospice: landscape ecology, art, and design

Co-presented by David Buckley Borden, artist/designer, and Aaron M. Ellison, Senior Ecologist, Harvard Forest, this Speaker Series event will look at the intersection of ecology, art, and design as viewed through the lens of the Hemlock Hospice  project.  

This immersive, site-specific science-communication project tells the story of the ongoing demise of the eastern hemlock tree at the hands (and mouth) of a tiny aphid-like insect, the hemlock wooly adelgid. While telling the story of the loss of eastern hemlock, the project addresses larger issues of climate change, human impact, and the future of New England forests.


About David Buckley Borden

David Buckley Borden is a Cambridge-based interdisciplinary artist and designer known for his creative practice of making ecological issues culturally relevant to the general public by means of accessible art and design. David studied landscape architecture at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and worked with Sasaki Associatesand Ground before focusing his practice at the intersection of landscape, creativity,and cultural event. David’s work now manifests in a variety of forms, ranging from site-speciļ¬c landscape installations in the woods to data-driven cartography in the gallery. David’s place-based projects highlight both pressing environmental issues and everyday phenomena and have recently earned him residencies at the Santa Fe Art Institute, Teton Art Lab, Trifecta Hibernaculum, and MASS MoCA. David is an Associate Fellow at the Harvard Forest where he works with scientists to answer the question, “How can art and design foster cultural cohesion around environmental issues and help inform ecology-minded decision making?"

About Aaron M. Ellison

Aaron M. Ellison is the Senior Research Fellow in Ecology in Harvard’s Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and Senior Ecologist at the Harvard Forest,and a semi-professional photographer and writer. He studies the disintegration and reassembly of ecosystems following natural and anthropogenic disturbances; thinks about the relationship between the Dao and the intermediate disturbance hypothesis; reflects on the critical and reactionary stance of Ecology relative to Modernism, blogs as The Unbalanced Ecologist, and tweets as @AMaxEll17. He is the author of A Primer of Ecological Statistics (2004), A Field Guide to the Ants of New England (2012; recipient of the 2013 USA Book News International Book Award in General Science, and the 2013 award for Specialty Title in Science and Nature from The New England Society in New York City), and Vanishing Point (2017), a collection of photographs and poetry from the Pacific Northwest). On weekends, he works wood.

Speaker Series: Silencing Science, with Joel Clement

Calendar Next session starts Mar 15, 2018 at 7 pm

Members: $12, Nonmembers: $15

Silencing Science: An Insider's Take on the Trump Administration's Efforts to Undermine Federal Climate Policy

Whistleblower Joel Clement, former director of the U.S. Interior Department's Office of Policy Analysis and a Maine native, shares the experiences that compelled him to speak out, discusses current policy issues, and answers your questions.

The discussion will be introduced and moderated by Maine Audubon Senior Policy & Advocacy Specialist Eliza Donoghue.

The event is co-sponsored by Maine Magazine, Allagash Brewing, and Chickadee Wines, and is for ages 21+ only.


About Joel Clement

A Maine native, Clement was a scientist and top policy official at the Department of the Interior working to help Arctic communities endangered by climate change. At the beginning of the Trump administration, he and 50 other officials were reassigned to obscure roles in the agency. Clement subsequently filed a formal disclosure and complaint to the U.S. Office of General Counsel and wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post making his case public.


The Naturalist's Sketchbook: Sketching Nature in Pencil, Pen, and Paint


with Jean Mackay

Calendar Next session starts Apr 14, 2018 at 10 am

Members: $68, Nonmembers: $85

Location: Gilsland Farm


Get inspired to explore the rich diversity of life around you in pencil, pen, and paint. This 6-hour workshop will help you prepare to sketch outdoors, cover drawing and watercolor painting techniques, and explore ways to capture a sense of place on paper. Whether you are looking for renewed inspiration, seeking to nurture your creative spark, or hoping to build your artistic skills, The Naturalist Sketchbook will set you on a journey of discovery that is much more than just an illustrated record of what you see. Sketch after sketch, year after year, you’ll cultivate a sense of wonder and deepen your understanding and appreciation of the world around you. Some experience with drawing is helpful, but instruction will be tailored to various skill levels.

Materials suggestions provided upon registration, please bring lunch.
Limit 12 students. Age 16 and up.

About the Instructor

Jean Mackay is an artist, writer, naturalist, and educator. She has been keeping an artist journal for more than 25 years a way to study and share the beauty and diversity of nature. Working in all kinds of settings, from tide pools to farm fields to museums, Jean’s journals reflect a keen eye for detail and profound sense of wonder. Her blog, Drawn In, shares the ordinary, yet extraordinary things that she encounters close to home and farther afield.

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Full Course

Warbler Walks at Capisic Pond


with Doug Hitchcox

Calendar Next session starts May 11, 2018 at 7 am
1 additional session on May 18, 2018


Location: Capisic Pond

Green spaces in large cities have become well known to provide excellent birding opportunities as neotropic migrants use these stop over habitats for refueling during their long travels. Capisic Pond is one of these spots we'll lead walks at during peak migration and provides a nice mix of habitat compared to the Evergreen walks. 

Monday through Thursday at Evergreen Cemetery (meet in the back by the ponds) and Friday at Capisic Pond (at Macy Street).

Warbler Walks at Evergreen Cemetery


with Doug Hitchcox

Calendar Next session starts May 7, 2018 at 7 am
7 additional sessions through May 17, 2018


Green spaces in large cities have become well known to provide excellent birding opportunities as neotropic migrants use this stop over habitat for refueling during their long travels. Evergreen Cemetery is one of the best known locations for observing this avain phenomon in southern Maine and we'll lead a daily walk during peak migration.

Monday through Thursday at Evergreen Cemetery (meet in the back by the ponds) and Friday at Capisic Pond (at Macy Street).

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